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Spotlight on Cassidy Look


"Break These Chains”, singer Cassidy Look’s new single, was recently released by Bristol Entertainment and is bound to be a hit.  She describes this song as something very “raw and honest” and is the first song she’s written as an adult.  “Break These Chains” is a breakup song, but unlike most others it is not depressing and self-pitying, rather, uplifting and empowering.

“Writing this song was like therapy for me. It is very personal and honest. Sometimes all the things you wish you could have said to someone directly come out on paper and it turns into a song. I am very proud of this song, and even though a lot of it came from a dark time, I really look at it and feel that it's more about being content and moving on to bigger and better things.”

And this feeling of “moving on to bigger and better things” is seen in her lyrics, “It’s time to break these chains and say goodbye”.  Her lyrics paint a perfect picture of the too familiar story of a girl giving her heart to a guy who doesn’t deserve it.  Her music video then takes her emotionally-charged lyrics and make them come to life.  Look worked on this song with Producer RIO and Bristol Voice Coach April Forrest to create a song that reflects her personality.  Look describes working with Forrest as “amazing”, “She is always honest and insightful, while still keeping me focused and on track.  She gets me 100%.”  Look characterizes herself as “sassy, emotional, and creative,” all of which are distinctly portrayed in her new music video.

The video was shot at Bristol Studios by RIO with the help of Forrest and symbolically highlights the transition and emotional evolution of Look through this significant breakup.  While no one wishes a heartbreak upon anyone, the product of this broken heart is positive; it provides others with a relatable song that can help them through a breakup of their own.  It’s one of those songs that you listen to and are immediately filled with “girl power” and hope for brighter days.  A definite feel good song.

Look was born and raised on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.  This goes to show, beautiful scenery doesn’t exempt one from ugly days and heartbreaking boyfriends.  Look later went to Hofstra University in New York and graduated in 2006.  But despite those times of dis-ease she found in her relationship, Look has always been able to find humor.  Her ability to entertain (and that sass) undoubtedly accompany her many assets.  Look is very down to earth, but is not shy when it comes to the limelight.

“I've been a performer for as long as I can remember. Forcing reluctant friends to be in shows that I would direct and, of course, star in when I was younger.”

In her “Break These Chains” music video, Look shines in front of the camera.  There’s a shot of her laughing, perfectly depicting her bubbly personality.  While she currently works in retail at “the best clothing store” where she’s worked for more than 11 years, her true passion belongs to singing, and it’s one that she was born with.

“My mom likes to say ‘Cassidy’s been singing since she came out of the womb.’  I think that’s pretty accurate. I was more of a screamer then; but I was always using those vocal chords.”

Look described the feeling she gets from singing, one of passion that isn’t found anywhere else.  It’s otherworldly and an essential part of her life.  She accents the fact that it’s important to pursue the things you love, because it would be silly not to.

“There is no feeling like that of when I'm singing a song that I feel and I love and am fully into. It almost transports me into this whole other world. It's so satisfying and it's like therapy for me.  I feel like if something makes you feel all of that and that good, you have to do your best to make that as much a part of your life as possible. Why would I not pursue what makes me most happy?”

Many singers feel the same way as Look, and there are many to which she looks up to.  She gains inspiration from many of today’s popular artists.  Look had plenty to say when she was asked the question, “Who are your musical influences?”

“Grace Potter is and always will be a huge inspiration to me. Not only stylistically, but her performance and show is always so epic and I admire her endurance on the stage. Her personal style is amazing and I haven't even gotten into her songwriting. I have a lot of things I draw influence from. I think Bruno Mars is incredibly brilliant in his melding of genres and versatility. I love Pink as an artist and Kelly Clarkson is another huge influence for her personality. The “Alabama Shakes” vocals and style inspire me to be a better singer. I think obvious comparisons will be made with Adele, but I do truly love her; and what I most love about Adele is her lyrics. She is a true poet.”

With eyes on the future, Look aspires to “front an amazing band, performing folk rock with influence from all other genres.  I want to write more and collaborate with other amazing artists” including those mentioned above.  Already performing at open mics all over the island and winning “all sorts of karaoke contests”, Look has exposed to the local music scene and is working on getting more involved.  It won’t be long before she flourishes in the Vineyard.

Look has been taking singing lessons at Bristol since 2012 and has already seen improvement.  She is grateful for everything that Bristol and her teachers have given her, and that includes stage presence and ease when performing.

“I have had some great opportunities come up through Bristol, but more than that, my performance level and quality has just increased so much.  I am more confident in myself when I am putting myself out there in a performance and that is huge.”