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Are you singing contemporary music but only finding classical and musical theater teachers?

We Understand.  Bristol Voice Studios offers a unique and effective vocal method for all styles of

contemporary music not found anywhere else!


   To compete in today's market, a singer has to have all of the vocal tools necessary to create an effect on the listener.' 'It's all about the effect on the listener. Wide range of tone, power notes (Full Voice all the way up to high 'F'), soft silky breathy tones, bright edgy tones, the six basic embellishments, all the extra little noises called artifacts, and at the very basic bottom of that is the ability to produce a steady smooth stream of air that everything rides on top of. These are the exact points we improve with every vocalist who arrives at Bristol. Many singers have developed some pieces of this puzzle on their own or with a vocal coach. As a producer, engineer and vocal coach I rarely see a singer come in with it all- maybe one a year. However, if you're going to be successful you owe it to yourself to find out what you're doing correctly and what needs some development.


     Also, if you're weak in communication & performance skills on stage we handle that too! Completely! - Director, Ric Poulin

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Here's what some of our students said about our vocal program:


"Wow I can't even begin to tell you how far I've come vocally since studying the Bristol Voice Method! Before I came to Bristol I trained in the classical and musical theater method of singing, but always wanted to learn the pop method. I would get so frustrated trying to figure out how to sing like my favorite artists i.e. Mariah Carey and En Vogue and would blow out my voice in the process! It wasn't until I joined Jada and learned the pop/gospel method that I really found my voice and was finally able to sing like my favorite artists without blowing out my voice! It was a big win for me! From this method I have gained invaluable technique and the confidence to be able to sing whatever my heart desires!" - L.O.

If you are studying with a classically based vocal coach and you are singing contemporary music such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Acoustic or Alternative styles then you are missing the basic skills demonstrated by all of today's top singers and you are not going to get what you need from that coach- EVER! This may sound harsh, bold and even arrogant but after over 30 years of training professional singers I have found this to be true- Ric Poulin

We are one of the few programs in the world that teaches the Gospel Pop Method. What is it? It is the style of singing used by nearly every contemporary major recording artist in the last forty years! Our Program delivers results! Period! That's what we are interested in. A Free 'no obligation' consultation is available with one of our teachers to evaluate your potential and discuss how our program can help you achieve your goals as a singer. Please call 617-247-8689 or email us to arrange for your consultation.


 "Studying voice and artist development at Bristol Studios has helped me in so many ways!! I began as a voice student of Ric Poulin and it took off from there! Opportunity really knocked when I was invited to become a member of the group JADA shortly after joining the voice program.

      Training at Bristol every day-I'm really learning about and improving all of my skills as an artist. From vocal performance, to dance training, to songwriting and self-promotion, I have gained more confidence and become a well rounded performer and business person. In my opinion, you can read about any subject, but actually putting it into practice is a whole different ball game! You get to do that here!

     It's so vital to have an actual program to follow (in the artist development program, and the voice program) that way you get to focus on what elements need to be in place and worked on to bring yourself to the level you want to achieve as an artist! I definitely wouldn't be where I am now (a major label recording artist) if it weren't for the guidance and training from Ric, Laura and the entire Bristol team!" - J.T.



Level I teaches the Basics - Breathing, Vowel Shapes, The Four Basic Tones of pop, and Building a Repertoire. At the end of Level I a student no longer has questions about how to produce the sounds he or she hears on recordings. They can identify everything. A person who completes Level I has tangible abilities when done. This is a big contrast to studying voice, going on for years and never knowing where you're at, or how good you are. Whether a beginner or professional 'coming in for a tune up', every singer must master Level I exercises. I have found that every good to excellent singer coming to us with vocal problems or trouble has basics that need review. And 99% of the time the trouble spots have to do with the very first few exercises contained in Level I! Once corrected they fly through the rest of the program and are back on their way. Beginners typically get through Level I in 3-5 months.


On Level II, students are trained to Master their Tone Quality, conquer the art of Embellishment, Develop Dynamic Quality (control of volume and tone), control Vibrato and hone professional Performance Skills. This is a longer level and can take from 9 months to a year and a half. Performance and Repertoire are emphasized at this level. And students, even when they are not yet completed on this level start to really get their careers in motion.


Level III covers the remaining points of precision in singing as well as, full development of one's style, career orientation, and auditioning- full professionalism in all it's aspects.


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More Bristol Voice Studios Success Stories...


"It wasn't until I came to Bristol that I heard the analogy 'Why would you take tap dancing from a ballet instructor?'" he said. "And that seemed to hit the nail right on the head. I'm a punk rock singer, but I had basically been going to people who were trying to teach me classical music." -Al Barr, Lead Singer, Drop Kick Murphy's.


"The teachers at Bristol Voice Studios have been helpful, and amazing! My voice has developed quite a bit since I've studied at Bristol. I have gained more confidence with my singing and have developed the skills I need to be the best singer I can be!" –J.B.


"I came to Bristol Voice Studios with a classical/musical theater background. After my first lesson with Ric, I realized my potential as a pop singer. After the second lesson I was amazed at what my true vocal range was, and I realized that I had been singing incorrectly for the kind of music I actually liked to sing. The opera sound won't cut it in the pop scene. I am very confident that the Bristol Voice Method program can make any singer reach their full potential." –J.T.



"I now have far more knowledge of how to sing properly. Because of my teacher Brent, I have developed better control of my voice, and expanded my range. The program at Bristol Studios is absolutely phenomenal. People have really noticed the improvements in my voice." –I.M.


"There are only caring, helpful, patient, and knowledgeable voice teachers at Bristol Studios. They take the time to really listen and evaluate what you are doing with your singing. My voice used to hurt when I would "belt" out my favorite song. Now I can properly place those high notes with ease so I sound really pro. My voice has improved five-fold!" –M.J.

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