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The staff at Bristol Recording & Voice Studios has been helping individual artists achieve their goals for over 25 years. We specialize in creating a customized step by step program to help you overcome any barriers to your success and achieve the skills necessary to compete in the music industry for real.

Included in this program is a production meeting with producer/vocal coach Ric Poulin to outline all the steps necessary for you to reach your goals. Other services in this program include: vocal consultation and training, songwriting evaluation and training, performance development, major label quality recording & production, and cd packaging and promotion services including CD duplication, professional photography, graphic design, web site development and internet marketing and promotion. To find out more about how to get started or debug your progress, call Jason at 617-247-8689.

EARN FREE STUDIO TIME AND FREE VOICE LESSONS! With the Bristol Referral Rewards Program, you can earn free studio time and free voice lessons when you tell a friend about Bristol Recording & Voice Studios! Basically, when you refer a friend to Bristol Recording Studios and they purchase studio services, you receive 5% of their total purchases on account which can be put toward future studio projects or engineering courses (duplication services excluded). When you refer a friend to Bristol Voice Studios and they start and complete their first four lessons, you receive a free lesson as a thank you from us. Just make sure your friend tells us that you sent them! If you have never seen our facilities for yourself, you are invited to schedule a free tour of the studios by calling Jason or Amie today at 617-247-8689. If you have never experienced our unique vocal program and want to meet with one of our vocal coaches, call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule your free vocal consultation.



ATTENTION PERFORMERS AND VOCALISTS!! Bristol Recording & Voice Studios is proud to offer an online listing featuring Open Mic Nights and Karaoke Events throughout the Greater Boston Area! Whether you're looking to make a name for yourself in the Boston music scene, or just looking for a fun night out with friends, check out our listings and let the good times roll! You'll see such listing such as...

MUSICIANS NEEDED: SOLO AND GROUPS! Cirque Du Singe Brisé (Circus of the Shattered Monkey) is looking for all sorts of performers having a sound that ventures past the mainstream & great songwriting. They are a touring event that, at this time, has shows in various Northeastern cities. All performers that impress them in their hometowns have the opportunity to join them on the road. email rich@theshatteredmonkey.com or check out www.theshatteredmonkey.com.

LEAD VOCALIST NEEDED FOR A NEW ORIGINAL FUNK/POP PROJECT IN BOSTON. Accomplished trio of musicians are on the forefront of starting a new original funk/pop group to write original material, record, perform live, and possibly shop to labels. We are at the beginning of this journey, and we are looking for the central voice of this project, a driven leader with proven experience in live performance, recording, and preferably songwriting. Two of the three of us have extensive experience writing and arranging, but we believe that a vocalist has more buy in to a project that he or she was a part of creating. For more information contact vox@uwantmusic.com.

ATTENTION FEMALE VOCALISTS! Boston area female vocalist is currently in the process of forming an all female Pop/funk/R&B group.Looking for fun, energetic, and determined vocalists ages 17-25 who would be able to sing and dance. You must have a good look and be serious about performing. For more information please contact Pamela at jinxtproductions@yahoo.com.

Established, working band seeks male and female vocalists. Performances involve a variety of styles, R&B, Jazz, and Pop. Performances are generally corporate events, parties, weddings, and clubs. For more information, please call Cory at 617-421-9336.

ATTENTION MALE VOCALISTS!! Uptown Sound band is looking for a strong male vocalist in the Top 40, funk, R&B style. The band has performed 300 dates to present. Most gigs are within two hours of Boston. We work a lot at nightclubs, weddings, and corporate events. Must look good/presentable, sing well, have reliable transportation, have no bad habits or issues, and must commit for a year or two minimum. Contact Lew at 617-527-2097 or e-mail: lew@uptownsound.net.

ATTENTION ROCK BANDS AND COVER BANDS! Entertainment Associates is currently in the process of booking rock/original and cover bands for upcoming club performances in Weymouth, MA. For more information, or if your band is interested in showcasing, please contact Lew at lew@entertainment-associates.net.

VOCALIST NEEDED: Change of Season, a New England based Dream Theater Tribute band. We need a powerhouse rock vocalist who is familiar with Dream Theater or has that powerful, range, energy, and melodic nature of Dream Theater.Please fell free to email or call me at 781-727-7990. We are all 24-33 yr old, pro musicians with years of experience. The music is incredibly challenging and we need the very best you got. This is NOT POP, it is heavy Progressive ROCK. mlrproductions@cox.net.


     Bristol Voice Student Jillian Wheeler is no stranger to the spotlight. At age13, she has already acted alongside some of Hollywood's best, toured with some of today's hottest pop acts and just recently, signed a record deal with Whizkidz Records. One of her songs, "Girl-Girlfriend," received national airplay on Radio Disney and she was named one of today's hottest rising stars by PopStar Magazine.  It's no surprise why. Jillian has wrapped up filming her role as Anna Keyes in the upcoming movie 'The Legend of Lucy Keyes" which is currently in post-production. Her prior film work includes "Mystic River", directed by Clint Eastwood, where she played Sean Penn's daughter. Her stage work includes lead performances with Holly Hunter and Lynn Redgrave. She has appeared in various TV shows including ABC's "All My Children," done over 20 commercials (some with world-wide distribution) and been featured in various voice-overs for TV and Radio.  Aside from her acting work, Jillian has an equally extensive musical resume. Her Fall 2004 tour included performances with Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter, Bowling for Soup and Sky Sweetnam. Her previous shows include performances with JoJo, Lil' Romeo, Gavin DeGraw, Jada and many others.

Jillian Wheeler
                    In fact, it was Jillian's past work with Jada that led her to Bristol Voice Studios. She was looking to expand her vocal talent but was unsure where to study. "A girl Jillian's age doesn't want to study opera or classical. That's not what she likes to sing. We needed lessons for pop singing. Bristol was a perfect fit." says her Mom, Mary. Presently, Jillian just returned from LA, where she finished recording her first full-length CD for Whizkidz Records, expected to be released sometime this summer. She has recorded two shorter CDs prior to this. Her CD, "Test of Time", was seen as a "sound" investment by PopStar Magazine and Sound Check Magazine said, "She's got one heck of a voice..."  Not only can this rising star sing, she's also an accomplished songwriter. One of the songs Jillian wrote last year, "Guy Getter", has made it to the finals of the International Song Writing Competition. 11,000 songs from 700 countries were entered. Jillian's song is one of the final 10 left in the teen category.  It seems that only great things are in store for this Derry, NH teen. She can sing and act, she plays both the piano and guitar, and she has hip-hop dance training. Could she become the next big pop star? Only time will tell, but it seems certain that Jillian Wheeler plans on permanently engraving her mark in the entertainment industry. For more info on Jillian check out her website: www.jillianwheeler.com.


     Liberian born preacher, singer/songwriter, and Bristol recording artist George Walters-Sleyon received a Tiffany Gospel Award nomination for his single, "God's Been Good To Me." The Tiffany Gospel Awards is an annual people’s choice award ceremony and reception, which recognizes, acknowledges and salutes talent in our communities. The Tiffanys are done in similar fashion of the award shows seen on television with the glamour and glitz (such as the AMA's, Grammy's and The Oscars). Nominees and winners are announced, and there are performances by some of the year's favorite vocalists, rappers, dancers and bands."God's Been Good To Me," off George's second album "Hold On, You Will Survive," was nominated for Gospel Single of the Year.
     The entire album was recorded here at Bristol Studios with senior producer Chris Billias. It seeks to capture the anguish and agony of the Liberian Civil War and raise awareness of the plight of children in times of war. Liberia has been in a civil unrest that has claimed over 300,000 lives in the past 15 years.  George donates all funds received to aid Liberian schools and orphanage ravaged by the country's turmoil. "Hold On, You Will Survive" is described as "a CD of international appeal with songs and musical arrangements covering several genres of music including Rhythm and Blues, Classical, African, Spirituals, and Traditional Hymns." "George has a soulful voice that captures the deep feelings of despair and the optimism of the gospel is evident in his music and song writing. His music intends to influence dialogue for peace."For more on all George is doing, check out his website: www.georgewalterssleyon.com

         The Hasty Pudding Theatricals have presented their unique brand of student-written theater every year since 1891, the only exceptions being for World Wars I and II. The modern Pudding show has evolved into a spectacle beyond anything ever envisioned by the founders of the original secret society. Undergraduates are now provided guidance by theatrical veterans in all aspects of the production, while sets and costumes rival those of many professional shows.Still, the show remains in its essence a no-holds-barred burlesque, with men playing both the male and female roles. Women are involved in all other aspects of the show, from technical staff, to the band to authoring and producing the show. With the introduction of the Woman of the Year celebration in 1951, and the Man of the Year in 1967, the Pudding has gained a truly international audience. This year's recipients were Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tim Robbins. Regardless of all their success, the Pudding remains at its heart an organization driven by the enthusiasm and exuberance of its undergraduates. This year, Hasty Pudding Theatricals proudly presents its 157th production, HPT 157: Terms of Frontierment. And, once again, Hasty Pudding will be back at Bristol Studios recording the music for this year's production. This will be the fourth year Hasty Pudding records at Bristol with senior producer Chris Billias.

     Singer/songwriter Spider Redbeard recently recorded his original rock song "Hold Me Like A Note" with senior engineer Chris Billias. Spider, who's real name is David Reffett, has been playing guitar for seven years and received a partial scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music. Hailing from Kentucky, his influences include John Lennon, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss and Megadeath. "Hold Me Like A Note" was recorded as both a demo single and a scholarship project. Spider intends to submit it with his application for the Aerosmith Rock Award given out by Berklee's Music Business Department. When asked about his experience at Bristol, he had this to say, "It was very cool. Chris is totally professional. We got a great sound." Spider hopes to get his music as far out there as possible. He describes his sound as a mix of rock, pop, jazz and metal. His quest is to bring back "spectacle rock and roll" like the huge bands of old.

    The technological revolution has begun. Combining elements of rock and electronica, Chezwick produces a sonic buffet unmatched by any act to date. Rising above a sea of talent, Chezwick is carving a place amongst the musical pioneers of the present day. The mastermind behind Chezwick, Patrick Balthrop, started writing songs at the age of 10 and performing live shows at the age of 17. Stepping into the role of producer, he began to experiment with composition in electronica and now creates every drum sound Chezwick uses on his laptop.

     Winning VH1's Song of theYear Contest in the Dance/Electronica category in May of 2004, Patrick's production and songwriting talents are creating a buzz around the industry. Chezwick’s 3-song demo is receiving very positive reviews and feedback. It has given Chezwick a semi-finalist position in the "Independent Music World Series: Northeast" and it was a runner up at the "Industry Jumpoff." Patrick recorded the demo with the help of Bristol producer/engineer Viktor Kray."Working with Viktor is great. He's an incredible musician and his ears are impeccable. He's fun to work with and his skill set is essential," says Patrick. This 22 year old will be graduating from Berklee College of Music majoring in songwriting. He's really into rock and electronic music and would like to make it as a performer. With life experiences stemming from Chicago to Hong Kong, the thriving metropolis of the modern age seems to be present in every drum kick Patrick produces. For more on Chezwick, take a gander at: www.chezwick.com.

     One of Bristol's up and coming singer/songwriters, Tony Giuliano, is currently hard at work developing music for his 5-song demo, which he plans to record this coming spring. Tony, who is no stranger to the songwriting process, has been experimenting with chord progressions since the age of seventeen when he picked up a chord book and started to teach himself to play guitar. During his time studying Philosophy at Boston College, Tony started recording with a 4 track and developed his performance skills by practicing in front of his dorm mates. In 1993, Tony joined a band called Second Helpin and was the lead vocalist as well as the bassist, which is not an easy task to accomplish. Second Helpin played gigs all over central Massachusetts, including shows at clubs, parties and special events. Currently as a solo artist, Tony last performed at Bristol's Showcase on February 4th, 2005. He performed three songs, "No Place to Run," "Heading for the Coast," and "Blue Skies," which can be heard on his website. Tony came to Bristol through meeting Ric Poulin at a "Careers in Music Seminar" and has been working to develop his "total package" ever since. For the past two years he has been taking vocal lessons with Senior Vocal Coach Brent Barlow, as well as working with him to take his songs to the next level. As a songwriter and vocalist himself, Brent is currently working with Tony to polish and liven up his latest track "All I Know." Under the guidance of Ric Poulin, Tony has participated in Songwriting Workshops to enhance his already "raw, attractive sound," which is unlike most others. Tony is also working to take recording into his own hands by learning the fundamentals of Pro Tools with Senior Engineer and Producer, Chris Billias. In the spring, Tony plans to record a five-song demo to be made available at his live shows as well as in preparation for submission to Record Labels. Once the demo is complete, Tony plans to add a drummer and bassist to his act to round out the sound for live performance. He then hopes to hit the Boston music scene head on and actively play gigs in the Boston and Cambridge areas. For more information on Tony Giuliano, check out his site at www.tonygiuliano.com.

Tom Powers is a veteran acoustic rock singer/songwriter/guitarist. He has been performing since his junior high days back in Grimsby, England and has been writing music since the early 1980s. Tom took a break from the music industry to raise a family but is now back to record a new album with Chris Billias. Check out his website at www.tompowersacousticrock.com.

Congratulations to the following engineering students on graduating from...

Engineering I

Jono Edwards, Yoni Yehezkel, Alex Mekelburg, Rima Ashmanskas, Doug Fuller,
David Whitecotton, Jose Heredia, & Jose Martine!

Engineering II
Jono Edwards, Brian Ramirez, Doug Fuller, Alfonso Contreiras, Yoni Yehezkel, Jose Herieda!

Pro Tools Level II
Marylou Gorospe, Frank Longo, Brandon Maret, & Paul Rajpal!

Pro Tools Level III
Matt Wallace, Dwayne Mills, Todd Francis, & Tim Washburn!

Production I
Matt Wallace, Dwayne Mills, Curt Markey, & Todd Francis!

News from the Bristol Voice Department and Artist Development Program

       Ten-year-old Alexa Melo may be a new student at Bristol Voice Studios, but is definitely not new to the spotlight.
At the age of six, Alexa got her first chance to perform at UMass Dartmouth, to a crowd of 7,000, an extremely ambitious act for a six-year-old's debut. She sang "I Got No String" from Pinocchio and realized her love for performing. She then started to sing with "Friends of Broadway" participating in several performances at local nursing homes. "After singing she would go up to the elderly and ask if they liked the show, she would then later tell her Mother, Kim Mello, "Look how I can make people smile." At the age of eight, Alexa boldly told her mother that she wanted to start to work on her solo career and luckily Kim agreed. Alexa started to compete in both singing and pagent competitions, putting most of her emphasis on her vocal performances.Alexa is not one for pageants but by "thinking of it as an acting role" in which she plays a beauty queen, she has been able to win each and every pageant and competition she has entered.
     To date, Alexa has been named "Little Miss United States of America" and won 68 first place titles in competitions ranging from singing to pageants to acting. Alexa has already performed all over the country and most recently spent a week out in Los Angeles to prepare for an upcoming season of Star Search. She has also been accepted into the New York Music Festival as an R&B singer. Recent appearances include guest starring on the "Child Singing Sensation" episode of the Maury Povich show and as a contestant on the May 22nd diva episode of "America's Most Talented Kid," which can be seen on PAX. Alexa's mother says she cannot reveal the outcome of "America's Most Talented Kid”, but everyone should definitely check it out!     Alexa shows true dedication to singing by using her talents to better the community and helping to raise funds for various charities.  In conjunction with a November 14th performance, Alexa raised $4,658 for charity selling ad space in her program by going door to door and singing at local businesses. She recently tried to clear out her bank account to make a donation to a Tsunami Relief Fund taking place at her school after her mother already told her she could use her vocal talents to help raise funds as well. She performed for one hour and generated a huge crowd outside of her local Stop and Shop in Dartmouth, MA. After performing for just one hour Alexa had raised just about $200. On April 2nd, Alexa performed at a black tie benefit to be held at the Boston Park Plaza for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. Many celebrities and industry professionals were in attendance including Miss America. As for the present Alexa wants to focus on developing an R&B sound due to her musical influences, which include Christina Aguilera, Jill Scott and Aretha Franklin. She is more than thrilled to be studying with Vocal Coach Leah Driscoll at Bristol, where she can really focus on creating and developing her own sound as opposed to following a strict set of guidelines. "I can tell when she gets in the car after a lesson and is in such a great mood that we have really found the right place for Alexa," says her mom. In the future Alexa hopes to become a recording artist and is currently working on the skills to achieve that dream. In addition to singing and acting, Alexa is also developing her talents as a guitarist and songwriter. Be sure to look out for more to come from this up and coming diva! For more on Alexa, check out her website: www.alexamelo.com.

     In the January 7th issue of the Boston Globe, Bristol Voice student, John Polischuk, was featured with his band, Fast Times, on the front page of the music section. Fast Times is an ‘80s cover band that performs songs from a wide range of '80s artists like the Go-Go's and AC/DC. Fast Times has been performing around the Boston area for the past two years and has played over 70 gigs to date. The four part band, consisting of John Polischuk on keys, Greg Elsden on guitar, bassist Marc Fortier and singer Sofia Traptotsis, currently have about one hundred '80s songs down cold and ready to perform.

     "I'm extremely happy about the band's success," says John, "I think it can be attributed to the fact that there aren't many other eighties cover bands in the Boston area." Fast Times success can also be attributed to the wide age range that the band attracts to its shows. "Eighties music has become a recent fad. So the younger audience is interested and the older people grew up with it," says John. So what's the future hold for Fast Times? "Fame, Fortune, and lots of money," jokes John. The band is currently working on creating partnerships with affiliates on both the local and National level, while continuing to perform on a regular basis. Go back in time at your next party: www.fasttimes.biz

Amy Famiglietti
is an eighteen-year-old pop singer, songwriter, choreographer, and dancer. She has performed all over the Boston area and her dance groove "Too Late" has been featured on www.battlingbands.com. Currently she is taking voice lessons at Bristol Studios with Ric Poulin, as well as working on tracks for her upcoming demo with Senior Producer Chris Billias. For more information you can check out her new site at: www.amyfam.com.

Fifteen-year-old Bryana Mitchell is a singer, actress and dancer, from East Walpole, MA and performed in Bristol Studios’ Singers Showcase on April 22nd. Since attending the 2004 International Modeling and Talent Association Competition in July, she has been working with Ric Poulin to continue to develop her repotoire by working towards recording 52 songs over a one-year period. With the creation of her website, she hopes to continue to get her name out there and start to generate a buzz to surround her music. You can also check out her new website: www.bristolstudios.com/bryana.

Jada at The Grammies!

     Boston's hottest rising pop/r&b group Jada has a history of hard work and performances. In December alone they performed at the Boston Commons' tree lighting ceremony, the Prudential Center, the Fleet Center during halftime for the Celtics and with Aaron Carter and Fan_3 at Radio Disney's Noon Years Eve Concert at City Hall. To start off 2005, they headed into the studio to lay down some new material and since have continued their half time entertainment at the Fleet Center, headlined a benefit for Souhegan High School's music program, attended the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in LA, met with various record labels, producers and appeared and performed live from The Viper Room in Los Angeles, on the national radio show "House Party" with John Garabedian.

     To note that this is all within the first few months of 2005; it seems Jada is determined to make this year their year. They recently performed in the Cabaret at the Fox and Hound Club in Quincy, MA and appeared on television shows on Pax, Emerson College and Merrimack College.  See their website for upcoming shows and check out some of Jada’s newest songs at: www.jadamusic.com.

     Boston born Marina Pizzi holds a passion for singing that sparked at an early age and is currently honing her skills by working with reknowned producer and Vocal Coach Ric Poulin. When she was only nine years old, she landed the lead in a Boston Theatre production of "Annie". In the years following, Marina worked to perfect every craft needed to pursue her dreams. Throughout junior high and high school, Marina was casted as the lead in several theater productions such as Oklahoma, The Crucible, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Cabaret, and Alica in Wonderland. While still in high school, she hosted public events at the Hynes Convention Center and held a Sports News spot on the Watertown Channel.  Now, only nineteen, Marina has focused her talents upon singing. She has spent countless hours writing and recording her own music and, most recently, it was featured on the WB series Summerland. Check out her website: www.marina.tc


Melissa Jane is a singer/songwriter who has performed throughout the Boston area, as well as in New York and at Walt Disney World. She is currently taking voice lessons and recording her demo at Bristol Studios with Ric Poulin. In addition, she is working with Producers DJ Mario and Kiss 108's DJ Kill Bill to develop dance remix tracks to be played on the Kiss Club Mix as well as at various clubs on Lansdowne Street in downtown Boston. She recently headlined March 31st at An Tain in Boston. For more information on Melissa Jane check out her new site: http://www.melissajane.com

Gary Martin is an internationally renowned vocalist taking the Boston music scene by storm. He has performed around the world including the great concert halls of Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, and in New York City. Gary is currently taking voice lessons with Vocal Coach Leah Driscoll. You can find out more about Gary and hear him on his new website at www.bristolstudios.com/garymartin


Sarah Eisenberg is a R&B/hip-hop vocalist, dancer, pianist and songwriter leaving her mark on the Boston music scene. Sarah is a versatile performer with a powerful voice. She can entrance an audience with her jazzy style or astound them with her R&B flavor. Currently, she is taking voice lessons with vocal coach Brent Barlow and just finished recording her first CD. Check out her new site at: http://www.saraheisenberg.com

Brittany Ohlson is a Pop/R&B powerhouse that has been singing since the age of three. She has been wowing audiences all over Boston and is a KISS 108 singing competition champion. This fourteen-year old prodigy looks to be emerging into a lustrous career. She is now currently working on her demo with renowned Vocal Coach and Producer Ric Poulin, and producer Chris Billias. Check out her recently updated site at: http://www.brittanyohlson.com

Student Showcases

Within the last couple of months Bristol Studios has had the honor of presenting a number of talented performers at various student showcases. Each performer sang two or three songs displaying their ever growing on-stage maturity and vocal talent. Songs varied from performance to performance, but overall covered a wide range of musical styles.

Wed., Dec. 8th @ An Tua Nau featured Melissa Eisenhauer, Andres, Shannon Joy, Niia Bertino, Marina Pizzi, Brittany Ohlson, Carolynne Brown, Alysia Nastasia, Libny Gabin, Ashley Realle, Diana Casado, Curtis Nelson, Leah Premo, Presilah Nuñez & Carolyn Barnes.

Wed., Dec. 15th @ Bristol Recording Studios spotlighted Amy Famiglietti, Melissa Jane, Niia Bertino & Marina Pizzi. While Fri., Feb. 4th @ Bristol Recording Studios highlighted Carolynne Barnes, Tony Giulliano, Sandy Hendricks, Paula Kalaharis & Tom Powers.

Bristol Studios would like to say “Congratulations!” to all performers. Everyone did a spectacular job and all showcases held nothing but talent, good music, and great performances.

     Outstanding vocalist Aaron Winthers is the most recent addition to Bristol Voice Studios’ preeminent teaching staff. Aaron has extensive performing experience including chamber chorus and concert choir at MIT where he was a soloist with the MIT Gospel choir for three years. He has also been active in church choir and is currently the soloist and vocal leader for the band at Calvary Chapel in the City.
This Willingboro, New Jersey native has been singing since his boyhood and has studied with Pamela Wood of MIT, Jeff Ramsey at Berklee College of Music, and has studied the Bristol Method™ with Senior Vocal Coach Brent Barlow and Program Director Ric Poulin at Bristol Voice Studios. Aaron is a neo-soul R&B baritone and some of his main influences are Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin and Donnie Hathaway. His wide scope of musical talents also includes drums, composition, arranging, keyboard, guitar and bass. Aaron has an incredibly soulful, rich voice and is equally at home singing R&B, Gospel, Rock, Jazz and Folk. From his position at Bristol Studios, Aaron is excited about training artists to master their craft in a number of areas such as voice, song writing, production and arranging.




BOSTON (AP) -- First Bruce Springsteen, then Jimmy Buffett, and now a published report says The Rolling Stones are the latest rock and roll act to set their sights on Fenway Park. Mayor Tom Menino's office confirmed that a hearing is scheduled for March 30 on a proposal by the Red Sox to hold a third summer concert series at the historic ballfield. But a spokesman for the mayor said he could not confirm a report in the "Boston Courant" that Mick Jagger and the boys are the ones in question.
The Boston Herald reported the tentative dates for the two shows would be August 21 and 23. Bruce Springsteen was the first to hold a pair of rock concerts at Fenway in 2003. Jimmy Buffett and his "parrotheads" took over the ballpark for two nights last September.



Warner Music Group has officially filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with a proposed public offering of its stock. The New York Post said earlier this week that Warner Music Group would probably go public within the next month or two and the sale of stock is expected to raise anywhere from $750 million to $1 billion. As of now, the registration has been filed but has not yet become effective. The reason for the public sale is that the company's equity owners are looking to tap a healthy IPO market in order to take the music company public at a favorable valuation. The move also would give Warner Music a public currency to make acquisitions of music publishing catalogs or perhaps even another record company. Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Morgan Stanley will act as joint global coordinators and, together with Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Deutsche Bank Securities, will act as joint book-running managers for the proposed offering. Banc of America Securities LLC and Citigroup will act as joint lead managers.




CONQUER YOUR STAGE FRIGHT!! If you're serious about succeeding as a performer on a local or national level or just want to finally get up there on stage for fun and feel that you need improvement in ANY of the following areas, then this workshop is a MUST for you!!
•Being comfortable and confident on stage.
•Handling nervousness and overcoming stage fright
•Being comfortable talking to audiences (and what to say to them)
•How to put emotion into a performance
•How to achieve star presence and star quality on stage
•Physical movement including gesturing in songs
•Stage manners
If you are interested in signing up or learning more about this phenomenal workshop then call Amie at 617-247-8689 today!

"I loved this workshop because not only did I learn a lot about performing, but I got to meet many new, talented singers. I am much more comfortable with talking to an audience now and my ability to convey emotion in performing has improved tremendously. Thanks!" - B.L.

BEGIN YOUR CAREER AS A RECORDING ENGINEER! Bristol Recording Studios offers: Small class sizes! Hands-on training! The most current and innovative audio and production techniques! Real life recording scenarios! We are currently accepting registrations for all engineering courses. These courses are led by experienced, talented industry professionals and they are specifically designed to help you succeed in today's recording industry. Call Jason today at 617-247-8689 for more course information and don't forget to ask about package discounts. As of now, we currently offer the following courses:
Basic Courses:
Audio Engineering I
Audio Engineering II
ProTools I
ProTools II
Advanced Courses:
ProTools III
Digital Performer
Audio Production I
Audio Production II

"I have learned things that will help me build an impressive home studio when the time comes. I've also learned what do do and more importantly what not to do in a professional studio. Most importantly, I think, these courses have taught me how to be technically minded in a musically creative environment" - R.T.

Specific tutorials designed to fit your individual educational needs are also available. Call for details. If you would like more information on any of these courses or if you'd like to register for our program, please contact Jason at 617-247-8689.


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What Do A&R Look For In New Talent?
A&R reps look for artists who have potential hit songs, a signature sound, a marketable image, long-term career potential (i.e., youthfulness and adaptability) and a great live show. A&R reps prefer business-minded bands that first help themselves. Artists who press and sell their own recordings, perform live, build a strong fan base, design their own websites, establish a strong web presence and have a very clear vision of their goals are far more attractive to record company representatives than those who don't. Musicians who know everything from what sort of image they want to how they want their album cover artwork and videos to appear make an A&R reps job that much easier. A&R reps also look for artists who have a great work ethic. Will the members of the band continue to work hard at creating their own opportunities once they get signed or will they rely entirely on their label to do everything? Will they have the endurance to tour relentlessly or will they burn out quickly? Do they have wives, kids, substantial bills, and other domestic responsibilities that may inhibit the pursuit of their goals? Simply put, record labels look for the path of least resistance to ensure that they'll make a profit from their investments.

Where Do A&R Look For New Talent?
A&R representatives discover new bands through independent record labels, listening to college radio stations, searching the bins of mom-and-pop record stores, attending local club performances, reading reviews in local and national trade magazines, attending annual music conventions and conferences, surfing the Internet for MP3 music files, and keeping a watchful eye on Sound Scan reports (a service that reports album sales figures by tracking registered bar codes). They also rely on referrals made from established bands, record label scouts, friends and relatives of industry executives, reputable producers, managers, attorneys, and publishing companies.

-Bobby Borg for TAXI. an Independent A&R Company



RECORD YOUR DEMO Let our experienced producers and engineers create record quality music to get your demo the industry attention you’ve been looking for! Our demo package includes: 15 hours of studio time and 20 CDs with on-CD text in jewel cases, all for $899!!!Bands: get a great sound, pay cheap rates, work with chill engineers and great gear! Songwriters: get radio quality production and exciting arrangements from industry pros at affordable prices. Bring your full musical vision to fruition. Singers: Work with specially trained engineers, who can make you sound your best! Creative environment and comfortable surroundings. This deal is offered for a limited time only so call Jason or Curt today at 617-247-8689.

GET A FREE VOICE LESSON! Bristol Voice Studios is now offering new students a great way to get into the TRUE Pop/Gospel/R&B vocal program! When you come into Bristol Voice Studios as a new student, we offer to you this incredible introductory package: When you buy four lessons you get the fifth one for free, with no deposit required!! Already enrolled in the program? Don't worry, you can get a free lesson too! When you buy a block of 10 lessons you automatically get a free voice lesson. That's almost three months of lessons all paid for at one time. This is the easiest and most economical way to manage your voice lessons. Anyone interested in finding out more about Bristol Voice studios is invited to come in for a free, no obligation vocal consultation. To book your free consultation, or if you are interested in purchasing a block of lessons please call Amie today at 617-247-8689.

EARN FREE STUDIO TIME AND FREE VOICE LESSONS! With the Bristol Referral Rewards Program, you can earn free studio time and free voice lessons when you tell a friend about Bristol Recording & Voice Studios! Basically, when you refer a friend to Bristol Recording Studios and they purchase studio services, you receive 5% of their total purchases on account which can be put toward future studio projects or engineering courses (duplication services excluded). When you refer a friend to Bristol Voice Studios and they start and complete their first four lessons, you receive a free lesson as a thank you from us. Just make sure your friend tells us that you sent them! If you have never seen our facilities for yourself, you are invited to schedule a free tour of the studios by calling Jason today at 617-247-8689. If you have never experienced our unique vocal program and want to meet with one of our vocal coaches, call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule your free vocal consultation.

LOOKING FOR AFFORDABLE REHEARSAL SPACE? Bristol Studios is currently renting out rehearsal space by the hour. Solo performers and ensembles alike are welcome to call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule a tour of our professional facilities and to find out how we can accommodate your needs.

PROFESSIONAL TEACHING SPACE AVAILABLE! Bristol Studios is now offering professional teaching space for rent by the hour! Located in Boston's Back Bay, right across the street from Berklee College of Music and around the corner from both the Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory of Music, Bristol Studios is at the hub of music education in the Boston area. Instrumental instructors, voice teachers and dance instructors are welcome to call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule a tour of our professional facilities and to find out how we can accommodate your needs.




Saturday, May 21, 6:30-9:30pm Malden High School Music for Music To Aid Music benefit concert at: Jenkins Auditorium at Malden High School, 77 Salem St. Malden, MA. Tickets are $5 for Students and $7 for Adults. Scheduled to perform are: Amy Famiglietti, Jada, Jillian Wheeler, Playback, and Jessie Daniels.

Friday, May 27, 10:30pm Jada takes the stage at The Savvy Fish Restaurant in Naugatuck, CT.

Wednesday, July 1, Jada and special guests Off The Curb will perform LIVE at Camp Danbee in Hinsdale, MA. Camp Danbee is a summer camp for girls 6-15.

Monday, July 4, 2-5pm Boston Harborfest at City Hall Plaza in Boston. 1-4 Jada and friends will perform at this hugely popular festival celebrating our Nation's Independence! www.bostonharborfest.com stick around and catch the fireworks over Boston Harbor later in the evening!

Friday, July 29, 1-3pm Marcus Lewis Daycamp in Littleton, MA. Jada will give a voice workshop with their producer/vocal coach Ric Poulin followed by a performance!

Thursday, August 11, 9pm Muzikfest in Bethlehem, PA (over 300 acts on 13 stages with major national recording artists!) http://www.musikfest.org.

Amy Famiglietti:

5/1/05- March of Dimes- Walk America 2005- Amy will be singing her rendition of the National Anthem in Concord at 10:30 followed by a 20 minute performance in Manchester. Proceeds from WalkAmerica support the March of Dimes mission of preventing birth defects and infant mortality through research, education, community services and advocacy.

Alexa Melo:

May 22nd - "America's Most Talented Kid" on PAX


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