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The staff at Bristol Recording & Voice Studios has been helping individual artists achieve their goals for over 25 years. We specialize in creating a customized step by step program to help you overcome any barriers to your success and achieve the skills necessary to compete in the music industry for real.

Included in this program is a production meeting with producer/vocal coach Ric Poulin to outline all the steps necessary for you to reach your goals. Other services in this program include: vocal consultation and training, songwriting evaluation and training, performance development, major label quality recording & production, and cd packaging and promotion services including CD duplication, professional photography, graphic design, web site development and internet marketing and promotion. To find out more about how to get started or debug your progress, call Jason at 617-247-8689.

EARN FREE STUDIO TIME AND FREE VOICE LESSONS! With the Bristol Referral Rewards Program, you can earn free studio time and free voice lessons when you tell a friend about Bristol Recording & Voice Studios! Basically, when you refer a friend to Bristol Recording Studios and they purchase studio services, you receive 5% of their total purchases on account which can be put toward future studio projects or engineering courses (duplication services excluded). When you refer a friend to Bristol Voice Studios and they start and complete their first four lessons, you receive a free lesson as a thank you from us. Just make sure your friend tells us that you sent them! If you have never seen our facilities for yourself, you are invited to schedule a free tour of the studios by calling Jason or Amie today at 617-247-8689. If you have never experienced our unique vocal program and want to meet with one of our vocal coaches, call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule your free vocal consultation.


ATTENTION PERFORMERS AND VOCALISTS!! Bristol Recording & Voice Studios is proud to offer an online listing featuring Open Mic Nights and Karaoke Events throughout the Greater Boston Area! Whether you're looking to make a name for yourself in the Boston music scene, or just looking for a fun night out with friends, check out our listings and let the good times roll! You'll see such listing such as...

ATTENTION VOCALISTS!! Every Wednesday night beginning at 10pm, Bristol recording artist and Bristol Voice alumnist, Jaime Guiod, hosts a fun packed night of karaoke at T's Pub, located at 973 Commercial Ave in Boston (next to the Paradise). For more information about events at T's Pub call 617-254-0807

ATTENTION MUSIC LOVERS!! Want to play music? Or just play better? Come and hear about The Understanding of Music Seminar™. A revolutionary new approach to music. Find out how you can play and read music in only one weekend guaranteed! Thousands of graduates worldwide! The seminar will be held November 19th-21st. For more information call
Sallee at 781-599-1476 or go online to www.dlorien.com.

ATTENTION PERFORMERS!! Female Hip-Hop/Pop vocalist is seeking one back up dancer as well as musicians to complete stage show (keyboards guitar, bass and drums). For more information call 617-312-6447.

ATTENTION VOCALISTS!! Energetic, female vocalist interested in forming a gospel group for fun is looking for people to get together with and sing. Potential for performance opportunities. Looking for 6-12 people. For more information, please contact T. Branch at stubranch@hotmail.com.

ATTENTION FEMALE VOCALISTS!! Los Angeles based New Leaf Productions is currently casting for a female vocalist for an all girl pop group. Must have exceptional look, average height, weight proportionate and excellent ability to sing harmony. Age 17-22. Pro situation only. Call Susan J Cooper for details at 818-882-2092 or send an email to firetrax@earthlink.net

ATTENTION MALE VOCALISTS!! Top Boston entertainment agency is searching for a male lead vocalist to front a well established dance/party band. This is career oriented opportunity to work with one of the busiest bands in the city performing for high profile corporate events, weddings and private functions throughout New England. Musically, this group focuses on modern & classic R&B/Funk/Soul, Top 40, Jazz Swing. Although age is not an issue, we are seeking a person with the energy, experience and or/confidence to front a powerful band with some of the highest caliber musicians in the Northeast. Additionally, we are seeking an individual who will help this band continue to grow and remain on the cutting edge of the industry. For more information please call Cory at 781-338-9701 or go online to www.willowentertainment.com.

ATTENTION MALE VOCALISTS!! Uptown Sound band is looking for a strong male vocalist in the Top 40, funk, R&B style. The band has performed 300 dates to present. Most gigs are within two hours of Boston. We work a lot at nightclubs, weddings, and corporate events. Must look good/presentable, sing well, have reliable transportation, have no bad habits or issues, and must commit for a year or two minimum. Contact Lew at 617-527-2097 or e-mail lew@uptownsound.net.

ATTENTION FEMALE VOCALISTS!! Boston area female vocalist is currently in the process of forming an all female pop/funk/R&B group. Looking for fun, energetic, and determined vocalists ages 17-25 who would be able to sing and dance. You must have a good look and be serious about performing. For more information please contact Pamela at jinxtproductions@yahoo.com or go online to www.newworldinteractive.com/Flyer.html

ATTENTION MALE VOCALISTS!! Cover band based out of Danvers, MA is seeking a male vocalists for upcoming performances. Catalog includes covers by Led Zeppelin , Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Jet, AC/DC and some newer tunes too. Any interested vocalists between the ages 25- 40 please contact JDANIELS65@aol.com for more information.

For more auditions, check out Bristol's new Auditions & Opportunities page!! Updated October, 2004. This is an extensive list of auditions and opportunities available in the New England area for performers including listings for Singers, Actors, Models, and other Professionals in the entertainment industry. Please check it out here and see if there is an opportunity for you today!


This month's success story is all about Bryana Mitchell, an incredibly talented and determined young vocalist who recently placed 5th out of 76 finalists in the Junior Singing category at the International Model & Talent Association's annual talent competition. Bryana was referred to Bristol Recording & Voice Studios by John Robert Powers Modeling Academy.

Bryana's mother, Anne, had this to say:

"Finalists for the Junior Singing competition were selected from one minute demos. Bryana recorded her demo at Bristol Recording Studios
with Senior Producer Chris Billias.
Bryana sang "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" from Ain't Misbehavin'. Bristol vocal coach Brian Orvek was key to Bryana's success. We were so blessed to have him on our team. Not only was he an incredible vocal instructor and mentor, but his talent, professionalism, patience and humor were what solidified Bryana's performance. Brian worked with her during her weekly lessons, often coming in early and even working with her on his day off to give her the polish that she needed."

"On the day of the recording, studio owner, Laura Poulin was incredibly accommodating and listened to all concerns. Brian offered to rehearse with Bryana for 30 minutes before recording and less than 30 minutes later, Bryana proceeded to belt out the song. It was amazing. Brian turned to me and said, "What do you think?" As I stood there, I heard and saw a 15 year old perform a song written for a mature performer, and she hit every note. I just looked at Brian in awe as he grinned and said, "I think she's ready".

"Brian escorted us up to the recording studio and patiently talked me through the process and introduced us to Chris. They explained the booth, the equipment, the sound, the microphone, the walls and padding. Chris talked with her, easing any nervousness she may have had. Chris was extremely accommodating. His demeanor and professionalism allowed Bryana to feel instantly comfortable, even excited about her first recording, which was completed quickly. Brian mentored her through the recording session, offered suggestions for her character and hand wrote instructions to keep her focused on the day of performance. At the end of the session, I had 10 CDs in hand and was assured I'd have 10 more by Bryana's next lesson. Amie, Voice Dept. Manager, per usual, offered patience and flexibility in scheduling."

"Finalists for the Junior Singing category of the IMTA were reviewed in a closed audition in front of 15-16 judges. Bryana was probably one of the youngest vocalists competing, as most of the vocalists appeared to be at least 17-18 and Bryana just turned 15 in May. The competing singers represented some of the best talent in the United States and internationally, some with over ten years of performance experience. Although Bryana has been in several theatrical productions, and has been a featured dancer and soloist in a few performances, she clearly did not have the extensive background and years of training as some of the other contestants admitted to having."

"When it came time to perform in front of the judges, Bryana read and reread the notes Brian gave to her, then entered the room calm and confident, although visibly excited about her opportunity to perform. She loved every minute of it, and walked out of the audition with such joy, the weeks of hard work were clearly worth it. We even talked about the fact that we felt Brian's support from Boston while all the way down in New York City."

"If it seems that I am extremely impressed with the individual attention and professionalism at Bristol, I am. I am a single mom, and have minimal resources. I readily admit I was anxious about the expense and scheduling commitments. However, Bristol Recording Studio's staff, techniques, and personal support were invaluable. What a tremendous experience!"



Bristol Engineering Assistant, Twanya Lawson, is much more than an asset to the staff at Bristol Recording Studios. This Boston girl is doing great things and was most recently featured in the New York Daily News in an article covering OutKast star Andre 3000's interview with the Reverend Al Sharpton (pictured right) at Lawson's Barbershop & Salon (240 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, MA) where they were filmed by a production team from HBO. Sharpton and Andre sat in red leather barber chairs discussing the necessity of community involvement in the elections and the importance of voting. Twanya said, "The Rev. looked really nice. Andre had some rough edges. But this wasn't about haircuts. It was about voting, getting the message out."

Reverand Al Sharpton with Twanya and Andre 3000

Norman Lear with Twanya
On this video shoot, Twanya also met Norman Lear (pictured left), the producer of such memorable shows as Good Times, The Jeffersons, and Sanford & Son. Twanya grew up working in mostly male dominated jobs such as construction and towing, and her family is correct when they call her "Scrong" (a southern way of saying strong). Twanya decided to pursue a career in the music industry, started Scrong Productions and became the most well known female DJ in Boston. Twanya has spun at Avalon, Axis, The Roxy, The Strand Theater, The Rose Club and even at the Franklin Park Zoo to benefit the Free for Life Foundation, an organization that teaches life skills to inner city teens. She's been a featured guest and co-host on Rap City, aired on BET, and has made appearances on Boston radio stations Jamin 94.5 and Hot 97.7 FM. She has also been featured on WCVB TV, Boston's Channel 5 on the popular evening show "Chronicle" in a segment called "My Boston", where a crew spent the day following her from her Barbershop to her favorite restaurants to her usual hang spots. Twanya is also a founding member of the Stealth Ryderz, a motorcycle club in Boston. While here at Bristol Studios, Twanya has been enhancing her skills as a producer, having co-engineered Street Mix, highlighting the singing, rapping and DJ skills of Boston area artists. Twanya wants to be more involved in the industry, and when asked about her experiences at Bristol Studios, she says "It's cool here. I've learned a lot, worked with many different recording programs and I'm still learning. This place has really helped my progress."

Recently, documentary filmmaker Marc Berlin of Rhode Island based Black Sheep Films was at Bristol Studios recording audio commentary for his latest film, "The Man Who Knew Bush." Along with the "man" himself, Vernon Craig, a distant relative to the Bush family and "victim of a Dubya sucker-punch outside a New Haven bar in 1968", Berlin worked in Studio C with Senior Producer Chris Billias recording the commentary, which will be a special feature on the DVD. Released by RPH Films in New York, this DVD will soon be available online at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and at most major retailers in the US and Canada. Previously, Marc released a sci-fi spoof called "People From Space", a comedy about two young couples in a cabin on a lake, deep in the woods, who discover that an alien ship has crash landed nearby. Marc worked with Bristol Studios on recording the audio commentary for this film as well, which he notes was one of the most well received special features on the DVD, also available online at Amazon.com and other online retail sites. Another film of his, Bedford Springs, aired on HBO Europe back in June. When asked about his recording session, Marc says "It was very good, the atmosphere was very easy and relaxed, and that is the main thing when you're recording commentary for 90 minutes straight." For more info about Black Sheep Films, go online to www.blacksheepfilms.net. To find out more about this latest release, check out www.manwhoknewbush.com.

Acclaimed composer and recording artist Kathryn Bostic was recently working in Studio C with Senior Producer Chris Billias recording her original compositions for the Huntington Theater Company's production of 'Gem of the Ocean'. Kathryn says

"This is a great studio. I like the convenience to the theater. The staff has been accessible and gracious and really went out of their way."

Kathryn has composed music for various theater, TV and film productions. She was a recent recipient of the Sundance Fellowship for Film scoring and was commissioned by The Kennedy Center to collaborate with award winning writer Walter Dean Myers on his prose “Harlem.” The pre-Broadway engagement of 'Gem of the Ocean' produced by the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, ran through the end of October.

Professional performers Jessica Edwards, Sarah Mugavero, Matt Noblin, Chrissy Fresco and Travis Nesbitt from the entertainment staff of the SPIRIT OF BOSTON spent time working in Studio C with Chris Billias making a recording of the National Anthem in preparation for their performance of the Anthem at Fenway Park back on August 10th. This was the first time they had ever performed for the Red Sox. Usually, this bright and lively group of young performers entertains guests aboard the Spirit of Boston during the summer season cruises, delivering a rousing review of jazz and soul from the 50's and 60's and leading guests in classic dance floor hits like "YMCA" and "Cotton Eye Joe". When asked about their recording experience with Chris, with smiles all around, the reply was "It was awesome. Piece of cake." To "Catch the spirit and pass it on" go online to http://www.spiritcitycruises.com/boston/index.html

Singer/songwriter, Noah Lawrence worked recently in Studio C with Chris Billias, recording several original tracks. Noah is a prolific young songwriter hailing from Brookline, MA. He has been writing songs for years and has the passion and drive to have a successful career in music. This was Noah's first experience in the recording studio and he notes "It was strange at first. It was more fun than performing at a concert in the way that the studio lets you craft the ideal of a song." Now is the right time for Noah to begin recording as he is currently preparing a demo for an agent in New York who is interested in his talent. So far, Noah has recorded many original songs including "The Dawn Chaser", a song inspired by Bob Dylan and Eric Sinclair (a jazz theory teacher Noah has studied under) which is meant to capture the feeling of bursting through into something new and great. Despite his music career ambitions, Noah says "I do want to go to college" and another of his recording projects will be making a demo for the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, an organization which provides scholarship awards for all areas of the arts. While he has yet to finalize which songs he will record, he has plans to arrange "Halfway Down the Block at Dusk" for his a capella group, the Miltones of Milton Academy. "We're lucky we found Bristol. Chris is not just a producer, but also a teacher. He has an ear for my tunes and when I work hard on a tune it's important to have a fresh pair of ears."

Hip Hop artist Andrew Bernard, a.k.a. APB Unknown recently came to Bristol Recording Studios to produce his song "The Word", which he wrote back in the eighties. Working with Chris Billias, they created a fresh song with old school flavor. From the production of this song came a music video featuring Andrew, shot and edited by Bristol's Merlyn Caswell Mackey. Andrew had this to say to studio owner Ric Poulin,

"Thank you and your staff, especially Chris and Merlyn for their professionalism in turning an ordinary project into a piece of art. I truly enjoyed my experience in working with the both of them. I feel that they went far beyond what they had to do. Please let them know how grateful I am, even though I think they know. I will be using your studio in the near future to record another song. Again, thank you."
-Andrew Bernard

Vocalist Sarah Eisenberg recently came to Bristol Studios to take the next steps toward her career as a performer and recording artist. Sarah, a talented vocalist with a sound like Christina Aguliera, is currently attending Marymount Manhattan Liberal Arts School where she will be studying singing, dancing and acting. Originally from Brookline, MA, Sarah was very active in musical theater performances in school and during summer programs, as well as with performing in the Hip Hop troupe, EnMotion Inc., from Cambridge, MA in shows all over the Boston Area. But before she would make her move to New York, Sarah wanted to have everything she would need to get her career as a successful performer started. A friend of Sarah's told her about the unique Pop/Gospel/R&B vocal method he learned at Bristol Voice Studios. Then, in January of this year, Sarah started lessons with senior coach Brent Barlow. "I loved Brent from the start. He was very supportive and very fun." The next thing Sarah did was record her demo. She recorded "At Last" by Etta James, "Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton and "Come On Over" by Christina Aguliera. Through Bristol's graphics department, Sarah arranged a professional photo shoot and graphic design for her demo and new website www.saraheisenberg.com.

"The thing I love about Bristol is that the staff are very supportive and relaxed, I feel like they're really here for me. It's like I walk through the door and the next thing I know, my session is scheduled. That's really professional and really nice."

Now with a polished sound and a professionally produced demo, Sarah is promoting and showcasing in NYC. She has been selected to perform in the New York Music Festival held November 11-21. Many major record labels will be in attendance looking to sign young artists. For more info on the New York Music Festival check out www.nymusicfest.com. Check Sarah out online at www.saraheisenberg.com!

Recently, Bristol Producer Viktor Kray re-mastered the audio for an Emerson graduate student film project called "Father Time", directed by Jill Rizzo. The film's audio editor, Arlen, had this to say "It certainly was a fun project to work on. Bristol Studios did an excellent job!"

Congratulations to the following engineering students on graduating from...

Engineering I

Mario Forziati, Pukpon Limpukdee, Sean Hart,
Brian Ashby, Jemi Sitanayah and Jackson Waigera!

Engineering II
Paul Rajpal, Curt Markey, Sebastien Zervos, Brandon Maret, Kamau Ellis, Frank Longo, Mark O'Hare,
Pukpon Limpukdee, Mario Forziati and Sean Hart!

Engineering II (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
Balon Braxton-Lewis, Mitch Lewis, Adelon Joseph, Jeremy Harrison and Kentaro Sugimoto

Pro Tools Level I
Marylou Gorospe, Frank Longo, Charles Vaughn, Brandon Maret and Paul Rajpal!

Pro Tools Level II
Sebastien Zervos and Reena Wyman!

Reason 2.5
Exodous El Shabazz, John Dickason, Tim Washburn, Aaron Hayes, Andy Lopez and Emmy Cerra!

News from the Bristol Voice Department and Artist Development Program

Congratulations to Bristol Voice Student Hiromi Kawanabe for winning the North End Idol competition sponsored by Boston radio station Star 93.7 on August 28th!! Not only did Hiromi win a trip to Italy, but she was also asked to give a live performance on the STAR 93.7 Stage at the Taste of Boston concert held at City Hall Plaza on September 19th. Hiromi has been studying the Pop/Gospel/R&B vocal method here at Bristol Voice Studios with Senior Vocal Coach Brent Barlow for about a year now. She found Bristol Voice Studios on the web and traveled all the way from Japan just to study the Bristol method! She says Brent is "great, funny and smart." In preparation for her live performance, Hiromi wanted to have a demo CD on hand, which she created here at Bristol Recording Studios with Producer Viktor Kray. Hiromi recorded both the tune which earned her the title of Idol, "A Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin, and an original song written by a friend of Hiromi's. The Bristol design department provided a professional photo shoot and graphic design for Hiromi's demo which captured her groovy Japanese pop star look. CONGRATS HIROMI!

Slow Motion Driver, fronted by Bristol's own Senior Vocal Coach Brent Barlow, is tearing up the Boston rock scene. They have performed their unique blend of powerful driving rock and rhythmic soul at many of Boston's stomping grounds such as An Tua Nua, The Common Ground and the Sky Bar. Catch Brent, Mike, Bill and Tommy at their next performance which you can find out about online at www.slowmotiondriver.com.
Bristol vocalist and Tapcut Records recording artist, Emmy Cerra is "not just another girl with a guitar"! She invites you to her CD Release Party & Free Show, this Saturday, November 13th from 7-10pm at the All Asia Cafe (334 Mass Ave, Central Sq., Cambridge.) This is an all ages show featuring live perfomances by Emmy with special guest Christie Leigh. Emmy's new CD, entitled "Metamorphic" was produced here at Bristol Studios by Emmy and Producer Viktor Kray. "Metamorphic" is now available at Newbury Comics, Tune Town and online at CDbaby.com. For more information about Emmy and Tapcut Records, go online to www.emmycerra.com.

Bristol Voice Student, Carolynne Brown invites you to Carolynne Brown's CD Release Party! On Saturday, November 20 at 8pm, join Carolynne at the Hope Fellowship Church (16 Beech Street in Cambridge, MA, between Davis Sq and Porter Sq) for a live performance featuring Carolynne accompanied by a live band and Senior Vocal Coach Brent Barlow on keyes and back up vocals. Carolynne began studying the Bristol Method with Brent back in February of 2002, and after taking some time off she's been going strong for the past few months gearing up for this performance. This event is free and open to the public. After the performance there will be refreshments and the opportunity to meet Carolynne herself. For directions to the church go online to www.hopefellowshipchurch.org. For more information about Carolynne, check out her website at www.carolynnebrown.com.

Jada with JoJo at the Topsfield Fair, October, 2004
Jada, Boston's hottest Pop/R&B sensation is lighting up the New England music scene. Look for Jada on the cover of FIESTA magazine this month! Recently, Jada performed alongside another Massachusetts diva, JOJO, at The Topsfield Fair, and opened on October 16 for Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees at Six Flags New England! Jada headlined at The Rack with X2 Productions on Friday, Nov. 5 and will appear on XY.TV, live from FELT hosted by Kiss 108's Chris Shine on Wednesday, November 10. And don't miss them on ABC on December 2 live from the Boston Common for the City of Boston's Tree Lighting Ceremony! To get up to the minute Jada news and performance information go online to www.jadamusic.com.

From the Lowell music scene comes the exciting new rock band fronted by accomplished hip hop MC/Producer and Bristol client D-Tension, who was nominated for a 2004 Boston Music Award for Best Rap/Hip Hop Act. The Dead Von Erichs consist of Sir Bob Nash on guitar, Joshua Fleischmann on drums, Brian "Chicken Neck" Coakley on Bass and D-Tension on the mic. They recently performed at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA and even arranged for a bus from Lowell to the show and back so fans wouldn't drink and drive. Previously, D-Tension has performed with Method Man and the Sugar Hill Gang. His extensive discography includes his solo E.P. "Mental Illness" released back in 2001 and featuring guest appearances from Mic Stylz, DJ Boo Finga, and Sir Bob Nash. It also contains a hidden track from his first band, The Unforgettables, recorded live at Bill's Bar. His music video, "Soccer Moms" produced by MTV, includes an appearance by Bristol staff member, Malinda Walsh. Check him out online at www.d-tension.com and to learn more about his new rock project check out the Dead Von Erichs at www.deadvonerichs.com.

On July 21, 2004, the Rosie's Place Jazz Chorus performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park as the Red Sox faced the Baltimore Orioles. Opening to a crowd of 35,000 fans was an exhilarating occasion for all at Rosie's Place. In 2001, Rosie's Place debuted their jazz choir, consisting of guests, staff and volunteers. Singing for audiences of all ages throughout the city and performing at churches, events, and other venues, they have shared their talent with thousands. For the past three years, the choir has served as an outlet for the guests of Rosie's Place, where they can release and voice their joy, pain, and tribulations through the power of song. The Jazz Chorus performed at the annual luncheon Funny Women: Serious Business where their talent and voice was recognized by a Boston Red Sox senior executive. After their exhilarating performance, they were invited to perform at a Boston Red Sox home game-an invitation that was an exciting opportunity for Rosie's Place to showcase their jazz choir at such an esteemed landmark. Rosie's Place is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women, offering both emergency and long-term assistance. Established in 1974 by Bristol recording client, Kip Tiernan, Rosie's Place is committed to welcoming each guest with respect and love.

Bristol Voice Studio alumnist, Trevor Phipps (pictured center) is blazing across the metal scene with his hardcore/metal band, Unearth. Unearth is an unconventional hardcore hybrid, combining the brutality of metal with uplifting lyrics. Trevor studied the Bristol Method with Senior Instructor Brent Barlow in 2003, focusing on developing the vocal techniques which earned special note as part of a write up on Unearth in the August 19th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. Unearth formed in 1998 in eastern Massachusetts, with the will to move away from the conventional metal lyrics of brutality and hatred and weave together the brutality of metal sound with elegant and sophisticated harmonies and lyrics. Ever since, Unearth has accomplished more on their own than most bands can do with full support of labels and press.
They have toured US, Canada and Europe consistently, building a solid foundation of fans worldwide. Unearth is currently signed to Metal Blade Records, releasing their latest album, “The Oncoming Storm” and rocked out at Ozzfest 2004 where thousands of metal fans experienced Unearth’s heartfelt live performance. Interviews and reviews about Unearth can be found at MTV.com and VH1.com. For more info about Unearth, check out their website at www.unearth.tv

Bristol Voice student Matt Soares (seccond from right) is front man for the heavy metal band Back To Life, recently featured in an on-air interview with 91.3 WCUC out of Worcester, MA. After playing several shows at club Marque in Worcester, the club owner hooked Matt and Back to Life up with WCUC, and the guys gave a half hour interview on September 29th. WCUC also played their original songs, 'Our Kingdom Our Empire', 'Antidote For Misery' and 'Crystal Clear', which are currently available on their website, www.backtolifeband.com. Matt has been studying the Bristol Method with Senior Instructor Brent Barlow since February of this year. When asked about his voice lessons and the progress he's made Matt says

"I think Brent's excellent, and I'm giving him and Bristol Studios thanks on the CD booklet. I've completed level one, now I'm on level two and now when I do extreme singing, like singing metal, I notice that I've gotten better now knowing the logic of my singing."

Back to Life will be releasing their first CD late 2004/early 2005. They've recently added a keyboardist to their group and introduced him at a performance at Mogie's in Hudson, NH on October 9th. Currently, Back to Life is seeking to collaborate with other New England bands to put on a benefit show to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

Bristol Voice Studios Welcomes the following new students!

Emily Chan, Dean Cobb, Noah Lawrence, Jennifer Osorio, Gabriella Golisano, Jimmy Winters, Gerline Rosario, Kate Rode, Michelle Dehesa, Adam Barrett, Presilah Nunez, David Ferrah, Rachel Shone, Gabriella Cipolla, Emily Vincent, Sarah Pioppi, Raul Franco, Trish Fontanilla, Ken Ro, Chris Harrington, Ally Miserochi, Grace Gerospe, Heather Bone, Ryan Sullivan, Francesca Labonte, Uri Miller, Lisa Hickey, Chad Barbozza, Steffany Nichols, Michael Grill, Angela Antony, Nathaly Jean Charles, Erika Gorman, One in Christ, and Brielle Bolduc! Welcome!

Congratulations to the following students for passing out of Level I of the Bristol Method!
Giovanni Minatelli, Emily Francis, Lisa Wallace, Mary Kate Walsh, Aaron Winthers, Stephen Swanson, Jennifer Murphy, Zack Ray, Shuojing Song, Marquis Lewis and Jennifer Osorio! Congratulations!


This Month's Interview is with Bristol Voice Studios' vocal coach, Leah Driscol. Leah is not the typical girl from Maine. Born and raised in a suburb of Portland, where the music scene is dominated by country, jam bands, and acid rock revival, Leah preferred more diversity. She enjoyed the rhythmic intensity of R&B, and as a teenager she discovered 70's funk and soul, along with her ultimate inspiration, Aretha Franklin. She dreamed of being a performer and sought out every opportunity to be on stage.

Bristol: When did you first get into music?

Leah: You could pretty much say at birth! My entire family are musicians. My grandparents were in a swing band and my father had played bass in a rock band when he was in high school. I recently saw an old video of me singing literally before I could even form real words. I started taking piano lessons at age eight and started performing in the chorus and in musicals around age nine.

Bristol: When did you know that you wanted to be a singer?

Leah: I always knew I wanted to be a singer. I went through the usual "I want to be something different everyday thing as a child, but I always knew I wanted to be a singer - either that or a reporter or politician. I always knew I wanted to be in front of people.

Bristol: Where are you from originally?

Leah: I grew up in a small town in southern Maine called Windham.

Bristol: What education and training have you received?

Leah: I started classical training at 14. During high school, my select choir, the Windham Chamber Singers, was where I did a majority of my singing. I performed with them at Carnegie Hall, the White House and for Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. After high school, I went to Berklee College of Music here in Boston. It was a turning point for me because I got to sing the pop music I'd always wanted to rather than the classical/choral music I had been mostly singing.

Bristol: What are your major musical influences and how have they helped to shape you as a vocalist?

Leah: The turning point for me as a vocalist was the first time I heard "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. There was just something about the vocals that I identified with - I think it was the attitude. From there I really started to get into R&B and 70's funk. Chaka Khan, Anita Baker and Whitney Houston were some of my favorite singers growing up too.

Bristol: How did you come to teach at Bristol Voice Studios?

Leah: After finishing school, where I was in a musical, creative environment 24/7, I couldn't bear the idea of being away from it. So teaching seemed like a logical choice for me. I really enjoy sharing with other singers something that I love.

Bristol: What do you think about the Bristol method?

Leah: I think it is a clear, structured way to be taught proper vocal technique and style. I like how there is both a CD and a book for the students to use to reinforce everything that is taught in the lesson. The methods emphasizes the importance of good technique through breathing and correct vowel placement, while incorporating pop style via the four tones.

Bristol: Please elaborate on how the Bristol methods is different from anything anyone had previously taught you.

Leah: The thing that is most different is the tones. I had always been taught about the differences between head voice and full voice (belting), but I never really considered the fact that I could sing both breathy and place my tone more forward in the lower part of my range. Once Ric showed me low whisper and low bright, I started hearing in almost every song how people were using these tones to create their sound.

Bristol: Why do you like to use this method as a teacher?

Leah: I think the way the method is laid out gives students the ability to see exactly how far they've gone and also where they still need to go to improve their voice.

Bristol: What are your future goals at Bristol Studios, in the music industry, in life?

Leah: I want to continue to write and perform. One of my ultimate goals is to be a songwriter and vocal producer for other singers, so being at Bristol will continue to give me the opportunity to work with singers.

Bristol: Thank you Leah!

Now a graduate of Berklee, a full-time resident of Boston and one of Bristol Voice Studio's acclaimed vocal coaches, Leah is busy taking on new students each week as well as continuing to write new songs. Leah's lyrics tell tales from her own life which appeal to experiences and feelings all people can relate to. She writes in a variety of styles, composing funk-inspired R&B anthems or relaxed ballads suitable for a country theme. Leah is an incredible talent who pours her heart and soul into each and every song, and Bristol Voice Studios is thrilled to have her on board.




2004 Boston Music Awards!
The 17th Annual Boston Music Awards were held at the Avalon Ballroom on September 29th 2004. Introducing a brand new format and mission for this year, the Boston Music Awards is a charitable fundraiser for the New England Music Organization (NEMO) Foundation, which funds youth music education programs in New England. Only industry insiders were invited to attend the evening, to celebrate the wonderful talent and music produced by artists from the Boston area. The evening featured an hour long awards segment, followed by performances from the evening's nominees and other special guest artists. After a stunning performance by cellist Matt Haimovitz, Lori McKenna accepted the award for Outstanding Female Singer/Songwriter. Aerosmith’s Bassist Tom Hamilton was present to accept the Album of the Year award, which went to Aerosmith’s “Honkin’ On Bobo”. This year's BMA scholarship to Berklee went to sax and clarinet player Ryder Cambronne, and the Hall of Fame Award went to former DJ and record label impresario Joe Smith. This year's award winners include The Pixies (Act of the Year), Howie Day (Male Vocalist of the Year) and Mr. Lif (Rap/Hip-Hop Act), to name a few. Congrats to them all!

Creative Commons Introduces Alternative Copyright System!
Creative Commons is a non-profit organization based out of San Francisco, CA which provides an alternative to full copyright for artists and authors. They have recently introduced localized versions of its alternative copyright system in Canada and Spain. Creative Common's license entitles the authors and publishers an intermediate degree of protection and rights to their photos, text, music, films and educational materials. In contrast to the conventional ‘all rights reserved’, it would be ‘some rights reserved’. Creative Commons have also announced that they now offer free legal tools in a total of ten countries, a specific version for each country. The group already provides specific copyright license services to Austrian, Brazilian, Dutch, Finnish, German, Japanese, U.S., and Taiwanese artists. The new legal tools the organization has released are available from their web site, http://creativecommons.org, free of charge. The International Commons Coordinator states that they look forward to adding more countries to the list during the remainder of the year.

Lawsuits Filed: Illegal File Sharing in Europe!
The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry announced on October 7th 2004, that its affiliates are filing 459 lawsuits in Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Austria. It represents the record companies who are tired of losing millions of euros in revenue due to illegal file sharing through the internet. Both criminal and civil complaints will be charged against the uploaders, who without permission have put countless numbers of songs onto internet file sharing networks, allowing its access to millions worldwide. This is the first time ever that this kind of action has been taken in Britain, France and Austria. “Now, finally, we are at the point where the law has to be enforced,” states the group's chairman and chief executive, Jay Berman. They have spent more than a year discussing the consequences of illegal file sharing, and its damages to the music industry. The group claims that worldwide sales of recorded music have declined by 7.8 percent in 2003, following similar pattern of decline in the previous year. The uploaders subject to legal complaints include users of KaZaA, Imesh, Grokster, Bearshare and WinMX networks.



CONQUER YOUR STAGE FRIGHT!! If you're serious about succeeding as a performer on a local or national level or just want to finally get up there on stage for fun and feel that you need improvement in ANY of the following areas, then this workshop is a MUST for you!!
•Being comfortable and confident on stage.
•Handling nervousness and overcoming stage fright
•Being comfortable talking to audiences (and what to say to them)
•How to put emotion into a performance
•How to achieve star presence and star quality on stage
•Physical movement including gesturing in songs
•Stage manners
If you are interested in signing up or learning more about this phenomenal workshop then call Amie at 617-247-8689 today!

"I loved this workshop because not only did I learn a lot about performing, but I got to meet many new, talented singers. I am much more comfortable with talking to an audience now and my ability to convey emotion in performing has improved tremendously. Thanks!" - B.L.

BEGIN YOUR CAREER AS A RECORDING ENGINEER! Bristol Recording Studios offers: Small class sizes! Hands-on training! The most current and innovative audio and production techniques! Real life recording scenarios! We are currently accepting registrations for all engineering courses. These courses are led by experienced, talented industry professionals and they are specifically designed to help you succeed in today's recording industry. Call Jason today at 617-247-8689 for more course information and don't forget to ask about package discounts. As of now, we currently offer the following courses:
Basic Courses:
Audio Engineering I
Audio Engineering II
ProTools I
ProTools II
Advanced Courses:
ProTools III
Digital Performer
Audio Production I
Audio Production II

"I have learned things that will help me build an impressive home studio when the time comes. I've also learned what do do and more importantly what not to do in a professional studio. Most importantly, I think, these courses have taught me how to be technically minded in a musically creative environment" - R.T.

Specific tutorials designed to fit your individual educational needs are also available. Call for details. If you would like more information on any of these courses or if you'd like to register for our program, please contact Jason at 617-247-8689.


Tips on Getting Your Name Known and Your Music Heard!

How To Get Local Press

1. Investigate local media that would be a good match with the music you offer. ("Field and Stream" won't care about your band, unless you happen to have some good fishing tips to pass along.) New England has a dozen plus really good music magazines and newspapers. Just stop at local music colleges, retailers, coffee shops, rehearsal spaces and recording studios around your area to find them. Visit the neighborhood shops around the music colleges and you'll find plenty. Or do an online search and you will find several good directories. The large published directories for sale in bookstores and online usually leave out at least half of the good ones, so it would behoove you to do a little footwork on your own.

2. Familiarize yourself with the paper's format and regular columns and see who is writing or editing these columns. Check out the printed area of the publication (usually in the front) that lists names, departments, phone numbers, publication info., etc. Now you know who you need to contact.

3. If you don't find what you need there, call the office and get a name or two of writers who handle music stories.

4. Initiate a brief contact with the writer(s), via phone, note or email, with a "newsworthy" angle about your band. For example, what about you or your music would make them take notice? Remember the publication's job is to sell ads, which they do by attracting readers, which they do by running interesting stories. Do you have something unique to offer, or an event coming up that would interest that publication's readers? Is there a current events tie-in you could hook into?

5. They may choose to interview you. If not, you can always send out your own press release. If it's interesting, clear and well written, it will probably get published. Remember, the less the newspaper or publisher has to do to edit your press release, the better chance your release has of actually getting printed. Face it, if someone helped you do your job and did it well, wouldn't you be glad to receive their work?



BRISTOL KARAOKE PACKAGE! We are presenting a new Karaoke package which presents a great way for singers to get into the studio at a reduced cost. This package offers 3 hours of studio time working with an experienced engineering assistant, and 10 CDs with on-cd printing. Do not miss your chance at this great opportunity and call Jason today (617-247-8689).

Bristol Recording Studios now offers REASON 2.5! Reason is the wave of the future in music production and you can get up to speed in no time with our comprehensive course. Learn everything from basic setup to advanced production techniques. Reason is an infinitely expandable music workstation on a CD-ROM, complete with its own real time sequence. Everything you need - synths, samplers, a drum machine, mixing board & effects - to produce virtually any style of music. Come to Bristol Recording Studios and learn from recording education professionals. To get started on this 10 week course, call Jason today at 617-247-8689 to register! A $100 deposit will lock you in and each class is $50. Flexible scheduling available!


The staff at Bristol Recording & Voice Studios has been helping individual artists achieve their goals for over 25 years. We specialize in creating a customized step by step program to help you overcome any barriers to your success and achieve the skills necessary to compete in the music industry for real. Included in this program is a production meeting with producer/vocal coach Ric Poulin to outline all the steps necessary for you to reach your goals. Other services in this program include: vocal consultation and training, songwriting evaluation and training, performance development, major label quality recording & production, and cd packaging and promotion services including CD duplication, professional photography, graphic design, web site development and internet marketing and promotion. To find out more about how to get started or debug your progress, call Jason at 617-247-8689.

GET FREE VOICE LESSONS! Bristol Voice Studios is now offering new students a great way to get into the TRUE Pop/Gospel/R&B vocal program! When you come into Bristol Voice Studios as a new student, we offer to you this incredible introductory package: When you buy four lessons you get the fifth one for free, with no deposit required!! Already enrolled in the program? Don't worry, you can get a free lesson too! When you buy a block of 10 lessons you automatically get a free voice lesson. That's almost three months of lessons all paid for at one time. This is the easiest and most economical way to manage your voice lessons. Any one interested in finding out more about Bristol Voice studios is invited to come in for a free, no obligation vocal consultation. To book your free consultation, or if you are interested in purchasing a block of lessons please call Amie today at 617-247-8689.

EARN FREE STUDIO TIME AND FREE VOICE LESSONS! With the Bristol Referral Rewards Program, you can earn free studio time and free voice lessons when you tell a friend about Bristol Recording & Voice Studios! Basically, when you refer a friend to Bristol Recording Studios and they purchase studio services, you receive 5% of their total purchases on account which can be put toward future studio projects or engineering courses (duplication services excluded). When you refer a friend to Bristol Voice Studios and they start and complete their first four lessons, you receive a free lesson as a thank you from us. Just make sure your friend tells us that you sent them! If you have never seen our facilities for yourself, you are invited to schedule a free tour of the studios by calling Jason today at 617-247-8689. If you have never experienced our unique vocal program and want to meet with one of our vocal coaches, call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule your free vocal consultation.

LOOKING FOR AFFORDABLE REHEARSAL SPACE? Bristol Studios is currently renting out rehearsal space by the hour. Solo performers and ensembles alike are welcome to call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule a tour of our professional facilities and to find out how we can accommodate your needs.

PROFESSIONAL TEACHING SPACE AVAILABLE! Bristol Studios is now offering professional teaching space for rent by the hour! Located in Boston's Back Bay, right across the street from Berklee College of Music and around the corner from both the Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory of Music, Bristol Studios is at the hub of music education in the Boston area. Instrumental instructors, voice teachers and dance instructors are welcome to call Amie today at 617-247-8689 to schedule a tour of our professional facilities and to find out how we can accommodate your needs.

OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE! Bristol Studios now has office space available to rent to professional music industry and entertainment related businesses. Located in Boston's Back Bay, right across the street from Berklee College of Music and around the corner from Newbury Street and Landsdowne Street, Bristol Studios is at the hub of Boston's live music scene. Call Ric today at 617-247-8689 to schedule a tour of our available spaces and to find out how we can accommodate your needs.



JADA-Thursday, December 2, 6pm sharp, see Jada perform on ABC TV live from the Boston Common for the City Of Boston Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Jada joins Macy's and the Mayor's office for this merry event! Come get in the Christmas spirit and join in the singing of Christmas carols!!!

JADA-Friday, December 17, 7pm Radio Disney Days at the Fleet Center. Jada will sing the national anthem and perform their originals for the Half Time Show for the Boston Celtics.

The Grab Brothers will be playing at The Alibi in Province Town for happy hour! Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4pm-7pm.

Captain Morgan and the Rum Runners - The wildest cover band in the Merrimack Valley, Thursdays 9pm-1am Upstairs at the Old Court 29 Central St., Lowell, MA for more information about these crazy guys go to www.lowellrocks.com and search for the Rum Runners

• The Maggie Rose Quartet Mondays, 9-12:30 pm The Encore Lounge in the Tremont Hotel 175 Tremont St., Boston, MA

•This Thursday and every Thursday! The Camelia Latin Jazz Trio will be performing at El Sarape, an establishment known for it's fine Mexican cuisine. El Sarape is located at 5 Commercial Street in Braintree, MA (617-843-8005). The Camelia Latin Jazz Trio will be performing from 7:30 to 10:00pm, and admission is free. Check them out online at www.elsarape.com.


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Recording Studio:
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Digital Performer Courses
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Production Courses
CD-Rom Authoring
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Video Recording, Production, Editing & Duplication
Onsite Recording
Voice Over Talent Casting
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Voice Studio:
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